On the Right Path to Getting Your Dream Garden

The presence of a garden- even if it’s small can have such a positive impact on the appearance of your outdoor area. While many of us wish for a flawless garden completed by a professional, there are so many ways to keep your exterior looking pristine.

From cutting your lawn regularly, to planting vegetation that provides an aesthetic appeal, there are a number of things that can be done to increase the look of your garden.

For those that have a small amount of garden space, we encourage you to make the most of the area and invest in garden projects that begin in a container. Purchasing a deep wooden box will enable you to plant a couple of different options. Whether you like basil, parsley, chives or any other herb, as well as giving a nice green look to the area, it’s also a great way to become self-sufficient.

For those that have a little more space to play with, veggie patches are popular amongst those that enjoy spending time in the garden, and want to save money on their grocery bills! Tomatoes, zucchinis, cucumbers and more, we strongly suggest you contact a professional for further details on how to produce the perfect vegetables and keep them well maintained.

While colourful flowers are incredibly popular, to ensure a location ‘pops’ it’s important that flowers are able to tolerate all weather conditions. Pansies are lovely and delicate; however, they don’t fare too well sitting in the hot sun, and are ideal for those in cooler areas. Coming back from a holiday in January doesn’t have to involve finding out all of your flowers have been baked by the sun; there are a number of strong floras that are able to tolerate the blistering heat. From the Brachyscome dark-purple daisy flower to the Gardenia Augusta ‘Magnifica’, there are so many pretty flowers to choose from.

For those that have a couple of plants, there is not too much hassle involved with watering them, however for those with plants around their home’s interior and exterior, an irrigation system is something that will ensure your plants are receiving the right amount of water.

If you require lawn mowing, or assistance with your outdoor area, contact your nearest professional today.

Tidying Up Ready For Spring

It’s now spring, and while many of us are preparing for the beach, ensuring that the garden is properly cared for is vital, especially during those hot days. Just like us humans, plants need to be properly nurtured, and that involves giving a good dose of fertiliser. When it begins to rain, the fertiliser will break down, spread and be absorbed by growing roots.

If you’ve been thinking about a vegetable garden, there is no better time that the start of spring to make that happen. Chilli, lettuce, cucumber, basil and rocket are just some summer veggies that will no doubt bring some colour to your garden and your food. There is nothing quite like eating a tomato fresh from the garden, and after consuming one, you’ll never purchase another from a grocery store again.

Planning ahead is key in having a flourishing garden, if you’ve neglected plants and they’re unable to be saved, dig them out and make way for brand new plants. Clearing grass and weeds, while digging organic matter into the soil will kick start the beginning of a well-nurtured garden and vegetable bed.

Relaxing, drinking icy beverages and entertaining is something is on everyone’s list; it’s important to ensure any tree of concern is looked at by a professional, as this could be a big hazard and have the potential to cause damage not only in your backyard but also injure someone.

Retaining walls are a great way to not only level the soil on your property, but also add an extra element. With many types of materials to choose from, there is something suited for everyone.

Keeping grass short is fundamental, especially for those that live near creeks and rivers. Whether you have a lawn mower or hire external assistance, ensure that you’re prepared for the weather. A clean and tidy garden will make you feel good while keeping you busy!

For assistance with any of the services listed above, contact your nearest garden professional, or click on the links.

Different Types Of Gutters

Gutters are an absolute necessity for all structures; while they are important in maintaining a problem free building, there is a level of maintenance required. With gutters coming in a wide range of shapes, colours and price ranges, its crucial to ensure the right one is installed, as removing and replacing a gutter is a large and time consuming process.

C-Square Gutter

Designed for carports and verandas, this is commonly used for commercial purposes, and has a fold at the back of the gutter, providing added security. The many grooves in the gutter allows for excessive amount of water to flow through.

Half Round Gutter

With the average diametre around 150mm, the half round gutter is common among newer homes, with this style complementing houses that are Spanish and Tuscan inspired. A beneficial part of having this as your gutter is that it is self-cleaning. Even through you may receive some debris that may get stuck, the shape and smoothness of the gutter ensures that water and other elements will slide through most of the time.


OG Gutter

OG, otherwise known as “Old Gothic” is popular among period and modern homes. The unusual shape of this specific gutter not only exudes understated elegance, it can add character to the area surrounding the roof. Defined gutters will emphasise the appearance of the region, while there are a number of colours to choose from, making it easy to match the gutter to the colour of your home.


While gutters are an absolute necessity to keep water from entering your property, they also require some work, as clogged gutters can cause a considerable amount of damage. Depending on the number of trees surrounding your property, we recommend getting a professional to clean your gutter at least twice a year. For exceptional gutter cleaning services in the Sydney area, contact On Time Group today.

Hiring A Lawn Mowing Specialist Or Do It Yourself?

Cutting the grass can be a tedious task for many of us, especially if you find yourself incredibly short for time. Don’t we just wish to only cut the grass once a year and know it will remain at a suitable length and continue to look luscious? However there are other options, involving you sitting back and relaxing as a professional and highly trained garden expert takes over and saves you time.


Purchasing a lawn mower can be quite a financial burden, especially since the average cost of a petrol lawn mower is around $500. When you add in the petrol and lawn mowing accessories, you’re looking at the cost to drastically increase. If you dislike the effort involved with pushing the machine, we suggest those with large properties invest in an excellent ride on mower, as the cost of the service will be incredibly high.

Not only are lawn mowing experts highly skilled with cutting grass, a large majority are also incredibly knowledgeable with identifying grass that requires treatments, and are able to suggest and apply the best products to ensure the lawn is kept in pristine condition.

Repairing malfunctioning lawn mowers is a costly process, so if you do end up purchasing a machine, you would want to make sure that you receive a lengthy warranty. In the end, it all comes down to the individual and what they would prefer, while it is less stress to contact a professional gardener, it may also not be worth it if you have a large property.

Blog for Winter…….

Winter has most certainly arrived in a massive way!! We hope you’re staying nice and warm.

A great winter job is pruning on your young deciduous trees. This will give a great structure to the tree as it continues to grow in the coming warmer months.  The fact these trees are without their leaves means the form of the tree can be easily seen so this will make your job much easier.
Rose pruning is a winter must. Any time from July onwards is fine.  This in turn will give them a great head start for spring.



Basic rules for Pruning:

Be sure to use clean, sharp tools. Blunt secateurs and other tools can cause jagged cuts that will encourage diseases.
Start by removing old, diseased or scraggly stems.  If you do this first you will then be able to focus on the shape you are after.
Moving plants around the Garden:
Winter is also a great time for you to start thinking about moving deciduous trees or shrubs while they are in their winter dormancy phase.  This is by far the best Season to move them in!

Keep mulches topped up:

In winter, as there is a lot less plant growth, it’s nice and easy to spread homemade compost and other mulches etc over bare areas in the garden. This will not only keep soil warmer during the colder months but will also give plants a fantastic kick start when spring arrives.

Stay warm and don’t forget spring is not too far away 


Written by Kylie Jenkin.

Why It’s Essential To Clean Your Gutter Regularly

So you may be wondering what is the point of cleaning your gutter, I mean it’s on the outside of your home, how can it cause any damage? You’d be thoroughly mistaken for thinking this element on all homes and structures doesn’t have an impact.


Gutters are crucial in providing homes with the proper care they need, as the main purpose is to control the flow of rainwater, protecting roofs, walls and the foundation. Not only does an untidy gutter look incredibly messy, the presence of sticks, leaves and other organic matter can cause your roof to leak, while also affecting in and outside of your home.

So how often should you receive gutter cleaning services? It all depends on the amount of trees surrounding your home, as obviously the more you have, the greater chance there is of the gutter clogging quickly. It’s recommended that you get your gutter cleaned every four to six months, as receiving regular cleans can save you thousands of dollars in the future and prevent major issues.

It’s important that you allow a professional to complete the service, as they have the training and equipment to ensure all debris has been removed from the gutters. Gutter cleaning can be a dangerous job,  its best to contact a business that has years of experience and knows what they’re doing.


Messy gutters can also be the perfect place for many pests to live, causing infestations.

For further details on our gutter cleaning services, contact your local gutter cleaning specialists today.